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A Spiritual Warrior In A Seducing World

“You are cut off from this part of the earth and your entire family shall be rooted out of it!”.
That was the statement uttered by the king as he sentenced Sapphira out of the village.
“Wow!,so this woman could cry like this”
(I was totally amazed).

Sapphira has been a poisonous whore,
she goes about flattering men and destroying them with her adulterous acts.

The journey to Sapphira’s doom started about a year ago,
when a secondary school teacher called Mr. Joseph was transfered to our village.
You’ll almost find it difficult to know the purpose why this man was transfered to our village.
If it was to preach our village to Christ or to teach the students in Ikolaba grammar school (you’ll wonder).

Early in the morning,around 4 o’clock,
Mr. Joseph would have start to cry on the streets
“prepare ye the way of the lord!,
the coming of the lord is imminent!,
make right your ways!,
you must be bornagain!”,and so on.
The same thing at evening around 7 o’clock.

Chai!,this consistent deed of Mr. Joseph is really pinching some of the villagers oo,
especially the members of ‘Extinguisher’ group,
which Sapphira happens to govern.

They formed all kind of weapons against this man,
but all to no avail.
They planned,
strategised on how to stop this man,
they openly asked him questions to generate strife,
just for them to receive answers that made them judge themselves foolish for asking such question in the first place.

Mr. Joseph who happens to be living in the room opposite mine has three hobbies that I personally identified,
praying,studying the bible and evangelizing they are.

I also attends church services,
but the life of this man has placed a question mark on profession of being a christian.

I had no option than to meet with him,
I just have to get things right myself.

“Mr Jo-seph, good evening”
(I greeted jokingly one evening,and he responded nicely as ever).
“Please there’s a question I’ll like to ask you oo”,
(I said calmly after the exchange of pleasantries).
He nodded his head
(giving a sign to say ‘I’m all ears’,and I proceeded),

“Mr. Joseph,
there’re these three things I know about you,
and you’re so committed to them like you reap gold and silver from it,
actually I know they are good,
but I hardly catch you doing something else aside those.
Praying,studying the bible and evangelising they are.

Sir,please tell me,
is there something I don’t know?,
like why do you do these mostly all the time?”
(with a light smile on his face he cleared his throat to answer).

“There’s something I’m seeking for that is more than gold and silver,
doing those things you mentioned is to seek for wisdom,
to search for understanding,
to listen to God’s Voice and receive grace to hide His commandments with me,
to find the knowledge from God – for He alone gives wisdom and out of His mouth comes knowledge and understanding”
(He preached and I was dazed).

“But Mr. Joseph,
you already have all these,
you have the wisdom,
atleast if I don’t know of any,
I was here when Sanballat and Tobiah came the other day to discourage you concerning your ‘everytime evangelism’,
all you said was
‘we ought to obey God rather than men’,
and mute they became,
as they used the door and shut it behind them,
Mr. Joseph,
you get am jare”
(I concluded affirmatively).

He looked at my face,
and with a faint smile,
he said,
“my brother,
there is more”
(emphasizing each word in the statement),
he patted me on the shoulder as he made way to his room,
I knew it’s another food for thought for me.

Barely a month after I had that discussion with Mr. Joseph,
Sapphira started forming a friendship bond with him.

She started with flattering commendations of his fervency and commitment to evangelism,
later to his decency and wisdom filled speech,
and then to his good physique and oratory power.

I was in my room one fateful evening watching a movie titled “I Am Gabriel”,
as I sip my chilled Eva juice alongside hot nice fried plantain.

“Hello woman,
get out of this place and don’t you ever return”
(a voice coming from the corridor said).

“That’s Mr. Joseph’s voice”,
who could he be talking to?,
what could have happened?
(I said to myself,as I bent to peep through the tiny hole on my door,
to provide accurate answers to the questions tabled on my mind,
without anybody knowing).

it’s he and Sapphira oo”.
That will be the first time she will attempt visiting Mr. Joseph,
and knowing the kind of stuff Sapphira is made of,
I don’t need a prophet to tell me what the show is all about.

“Thank God Mr Joseph overcame ooo”,
I’ll loose count if I start to mention men that has lost the hold of the path of life,
I mean those that never return again,just because they went unto her.

Since she left the husband of her youth,
many men has met with their doom through her adulterous acts.
(I was ruminating on how her house has been inclining unto death and her path been unto the dead),
when suddenly I started hearing Sapphira chanting incantations and Mr Joseph quoting scriptures simultaneously.

“Chai!,power pass power,
the Word of God is mighty in the mouth of the righteous oo,
this God – I’ll serve Him till I take my last breath mehn!”
(I was thoughtfully saying these,
then I heard Sapphira screams),
I briskly returned to my peeping posture.

Almost immediately,
Sapphira fell,
(‘gboozz’! was the sound made and she started rolling on the floor).

I ran out of my room to take a look at the Babylon that just fell,
not long at all,
gathering of about twenty has been formed and the case was transfered to the palace,
some men helped carry Sapphira in her half dead state to the palace,
getting to the palace, she stood up in front of the king wanting to take to her heel,
but some hefty men helped in bringing her back on her knees.

She then began to confess,
(as if someone was playing a cassette on her head and using her mouth as speaker),
she revealed all the havoc she has caused in the village,
the spiritual fire of some men she has extinguished,
even Demas – one of the king’s son,
she confessed she was the one who lured him to love the world and forsake the work of his father to leave the kingdom for “the fire city”.

She confessed all,
and with fierce,
the king pronounced judgement on her.

seek wisdom,it shall preserve you,
seek understanding it shall keep you,
knowledge is pleasant to your soul.

To be delivered from the way of the evil men,men that speaks froward,
you need wisdom.
There are many Sapphiras with lying lips,
many Sanballat and Tobiah aiming at discouraging you in this heavenly race,
you need the Wisdom of God to deal with them.
Seek wisdom from He who knows all things.

Still in sin?,
the wisest thing you can do to your soul is to accept Christ Now!.
come back home,
come back to Zion through Calvary’s route.
Wisdom is still crying,
and the Spirit bids ‘come’!.


Author: Alao Gabriel Oluwamayowa

I am Alao Gabriel Oluwamayowa.
I’m a lover of God and His word,
I’m a light that shines, a voice that speaks, a pen that writes – all these I do to see others come to the knowledge of my (their) Creator.
I’m a scientist – an agronomist (prospective),
I love creativity and art, I love to commune with God,
I’m jovial, hospitable, yet principled,
I’m that kind of Homo sapiens you’ll love to be with.
Welcome to my Empire!

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  1. Humm, I love this concept, do not relent, may God help us all to take our stand even in the crooked and perverted generation. More wisdom bro

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