Story:BROKEN…Episode 10 || Written by Ifeoluwa Oni

Eric visited Pastor Kay in his office on Sunday immediately after the service. He met about two people waiting in the secretary’s office to see Pastor Kay. He waited for about one hour before he got to see Pastor Kay.
“Good day sir.” Greeted Eric as he closes the door behind him.
Pastor Kay stands up from his chair to receive him into his office, “Happy are you brother.” He stretches forth his hand to shake him.
“Have your seat.” They both sit down.
“This one you are here today, hope there is no problem.”
“There is no problem sir; I just came to see you concerning Tito.”
He arched his brow, “Tito? What about her?”
“I really love her and I have already told her. I told her to pray about my proposal but she felt reluctant.”
Pastor Kay sighed. “Bro. Eric, I will talk to her and I will also join in the prayer. But, I need to ask you. What visions have you seen and what still voice have you heard?”
Eric meditated a little before answering, “Pastor Kay, I prayed about it and I have the assurance that God is leading me aright. My mother also prayed with me, she told me she is convinced that she is the right lady for me.”
“It is well Bro. Eric, I will urge her to pray also and you will receive a reply shortly.”
Eric left Pastor Kay’s office some minutes after.
Pastor Kay called Tito to the balcony later in the evening.
“Eric came to my office this afternoon and he told me about his proposal. Have you started praying about it?”
“No sir.”
“But why?”
Tito shrugged and said, “Nothing sir.”
“There must be a reason behind your insistence not to pray. Tell me.”
Tito looked away into space, her face expressionless.
“Tell me the problem. Or is it about what happened to you in the past?”
Tears flooded her eyes. “I don’t want Eric to marry someone like me. He deserves the best.”
“Stop saying that. Don’t write yourself off. It was not as if it was your wish that such occurrence should happen to you.”
She used the back of her hands to wipe her eyes, “But the past still haunts me, I feel guilty. I am not a housewife material.”
He moved forward on his chair and took her hands into his, “Just because two sex hungry men took advantage of you, you think you are not a wife material?” he dropped her hands and sighed, “I am disappointed in what you are saying. Live beyond the past and enjoy your present. Wallowing in self-pity and condemning yourself does not worth it. Seriously, I want you to pray about Eric and I will be praying also. Hear from God before you decide on your own. Let God be the fore runner in every step you take.”
“Thank you sir, I will pray about him.”
That night, Tito prayed about Eric.
‘Lord, I want to hear your voice and I want to see an open vision concerning Eric. I don’t want to choose in the flesh, I want you to lead me aright.’
The following Saturday, Tito visited Keziah in her house. She told Keziah of Eric’s proposal to her.
“Since you have prayed about him, is it a positive or negative answer you are giving him?”
“I think it is positive.”
“You think it is positive or is it positive?”
She smiled, “It is positive ma.”
Keziah shouted, “OMG, my girlfriend will no longer be boo-less. Tito, I am so happy. Thank God you are giving love a chance. Have you told him your about it?”
She changed her face, “Why the delay? Tell him fast nau.”
“I am planning to tell him tomorrow after service.”
“That will be better. But Tito, I think you have to tell him what happened to you in the past. Don’t hide anything from him so that he can earn your trust. It will be the best so that you both can trust each other in the relationship.”
Tito sighed, “I will do that.”
That same Saturday night, Pastor Kay called Tito aside to know the outcome of her prayers.
“I have prayed sir and I have a conviction to say ‘Yes’ sir.”
“Waow, really?”
“Yes sir.”
“I also prayed and I received a rhema. You two are meant to be.”
“Thanks so much for the support sir.”
“It is my pleasure. So, my baby girl is going to get married soon.”
She smiled, “Not so fast sir.”
“I know. The lord will be with you both. When are you telling him?”
“Tomorrow sir.”
“It is well dear.”
Pastor Kay prayed with Tito, committing the relationship she wants to start into the hands of God.
The following day, after service. Tito told Eric that she would like to talk to him immediately.
Eric decided that they should go talk in a serene environment. They both walked to the church garden. The garden is fenced with metallic hand rails and flowers. They both sat on a park bench in the garden.
“What do you want to talk to me about?”
“Er……er, I have prayed and my answer is ‘yes’!”
“What did you just say?”
“You heard me clearly, a diva doesn’t repeat herself twice.”
He pulled her close to him to hug her but she refrained from the hug. He didn’t bother himself with that, thinking she was trying to be careful.” Thanks so much Tito. I promise to love you with everything I have.”
Her eyes met his and saw a promise of happiness and of love.
The following day, Keziah visited Tito in her office to get the full gist of her meeting with Eric.
“It is too early in the morning for gisting, I will tell you about it later.”
“No, tell me now.”
“Is your boss not around?”
“He is not yet around. So, that gives us an opportunity to talk.”
“I don’t like this, let’s talk later.”
“No. Let’s talk now.”
“Keziah, how will I relate with Eric in the office now?”
“You will simply not bring your emotions to the office, especially in the company of people.”
“Okay. You really have to go now, Keziah. I don’t want him thinking that I have started taking him for granted since we have started courting.”
“I have heard you lover girl. See you later girlfriend.”
Some minutes later, the intercom beeped, Tito picked it. It was Eric summoning Tito to his office. Tito was seriously avoiding Eric in the office, because of that, she didn’t go for break.
‘Why does he want to see me now? It better be official o.’ she thought silently.
Eric sat at his desk and watched specks of dust highlighted by the sun, float through his office. He heard a light knock at the door.
“Come in.” Eric said.
“Good day sir.” Tito greeted and sat on a seat.
“Come off it. We are alone here, why the formality?”
“That does not mean, we are still in the company’s compound.”
“You know what? That formality of yours will only create distance between us.”
“That’s the problem I have, maybe I should quit working here.”
“You don’t have to do that nau. If you quit working here, what will you be doing sef?”
“I can easily start a small business with my savings.”
“What type of business?”
“Maybe I should just open a boutique.”
“You really want to do that?”
She nodded, “Yes.”
“I think instead of you quitting here, I should just transfer you to my second company. You know about the company?”
“Yeah, the one you started about six months ago.”
“Yes. It is not far from here, just two streets away from here. The company is involved in selling goods. I will transfer the accountant there to this place and you will go there. At least, you will be comfortable over there.”
“I love that. Thanks so much.”
“You will resume next week, you have to cope with seeing me for the rest of this week.”
“No problem.”
Eric grinned and she smiled sheepishly. “Now to the business of today, I need you to give me the details of this account and I want it done before Wednesday.”
“No problem, at your service sir.”
“You are not serious.”
As Tito got to the reception, she saw Tade. Tade greeted her but she didn’t answer him. She just walked briskly past him to her office.

Author: Oni Ifeoluwa Joan

Lover of God, God’s BAE. God is involved in my race, that is why I am an EPITOME OF GRACE. Bringing to you colourful display of real life situations through my writings with the help of God.

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