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Book Release ‘With These Shoes I Thee Wed!’


He closed his eyes and gritted his teeth. He counted up to five and tried breathing easy before staring at her again. Reverse psychology was the best solution at that point. He couldn’t deal with her craziness at that moment. It always left him exhausted. “Do you think arguing always solves things? I mean, maybe it works at some point in time somewhere in your head but not here with me. Even if I tell you the truth, you won’t believe me. It’s pointless trying to have a normal conversation with you. I’m just tired of your thoughtless tantrums!” He turned around and picked up his car keys from the centre table.
“Where are you going to?”
He didn’t answer but took his phone from her and walked past her. He needed time to calm down. He got out of the house, glad she hadn’t decided to chase him like the last time. It had ended up badly.
“You wouldn’t dare!”
He chuckled. “You think I won’t? Try getting in front of the car first and let’s see what happens.” He got into the car and slammed the door shut. He looked at her, waiting to see if she would be stupid enough to make such a move. When she remained where she was, he reversed gears and was backing out when she screamed for him to stop.
“You’re such an ingrate!” She shouted and got down from the bonnet.
“I love you too. Next time don’t dare me.”
He took a drive to the petrol station, got the fuel and took his time getting back home. Things hadn’t always been this way between the both of them. He couldn’t quite put a finger to where it all began but he knew he couldn’t go on this way for long. Sooner or later he wanted out.
 She was seated in front of the television watching a crime series when he got back. He hoped that she wouldn’t think of killing him one day with the way she watched the series with so much passion.
“Where did you go to?”
He ignored her and went to charge his phone.
“Dayo, I’m talking to you!” She ran to his side and jumped in front of him, blocking his path. Her movements fluid because of her small, slim frame. It was one of the reasons he had been attracted to her from the beginning. He still remembered the short black dress she wore to a party, looking sexy and classy. He had almost hated himself for not insisting she give him her number instead of giving her his card, hoping for her call. When she called a few weeks later he hadn’t wasted any time in wooing her. He knew she was going to be a tough one but that was more reason for himto be interested in her. She was a challenge. Now she was more of a pest.
“Please, move out of the way.” He said in a not so calm tone. He hadn’t gotten over her tantrum yet.
She reached out to hold his arms but he backed away from her. Her eyes suddenly pooled with tears and he had to hold himself back from rolling his eyes. It was a pity he wasn’t moved by them anymore. In times past she had him feeling guilty and regretting his actions because he thought maybe she was the one he would finally settle down with, but now he couldn’t care less.
“Dayo, just wait. . . Please.” He did so. “What did I do wrong?” she said, her almond shaped eyes filling up with another round of tears.
I’m so not in the mood for this kind of drama.
He looked down at her. Her natural, black afro hair dishevelled. Her make-up getting ruined when black tears were rolling down her cheeks. “I’ve told you on different occasions that I don’t like it when you interrogate me. You jump to conclusions a lot and it’s obvious you don’t trust me!”
Lola shook her head in disbelief and pointed a finger at him. “Don’t even try to twist my head Dayo. I’m not deaf! I heard you over the phone. I heard you talking in a suggestive manner; asking a woman what she was wearing for goodness sake! And now you’re standing there talking to me about trust? You couldn’t even admit who you were talking to!”
He rolled his eyes, and chided himself for not being careful and thought up a lie almost immediately.
“I was talking to a business colleague. Yes, it was a woman. But she’s representing the company and I was advising her on the best thing to wear that will make people take her serious. She’s used to dressing in provocative clothes so I had to prep her. It’s a big deal and we can’t afford to lose it!”
He moved his right hand to the back of the head to rub his neck. His excuse sounded lame but he hoped she bought it.
“Oh?” She raised a brow. “You mean you were just trying to help as per work?”
He looked at her and said yes. “I knew if I told you you would get all paranoid.”
She looked closely at him, searching his face for any sign of deceit. They both knew she desperately wanted his explanation to be true and not think otherwise. She smiled a little and moved closer to him, saying she was sorry for all her unkind words and wrong assumptions.
“I’m also sorry for behaving like a mad, black woman,” she said. Then trying to make the mood lighter she moved to kiss him on his lips, but Dayo turned his face away so instead her lips made contact with his cheek.
“Ahn-ahn, Sugar lips. I said I was sorry. I’ve told you I’m sorry.” She pouted, her  pink-coated lips puckered and he suddenly felt like kissing her.
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