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The Prayer

Musing on things as the Spirit led her, Damie wanted to make another design for her picture quotes as she got an inspiration, but she couldn’t because she was busy washing her clothes. Then she recalled that she haven’t written any article.

“I am just clueless and dry” she was beginning to worry.

“You were clueless and dry dear.” the Holy Spirit corrected her. She was wondering why she got that answer, then she remembered that God has all things. Jesus’ disciple can’t be clueless and dry.

“Oh Lord, my Source of inspiration….”, that was the only thing she said, the Holy Spirit finished it up. “….inspire me. teach me. let me act, let me preach. I pray”

“Does that ring a bell?” the Spirit asked. It was after this question that it dawned on her that she just prayed.

“Request granted. The inspiration is found in THE PRAYER”.

Then He taught her the prayer again and told her to write something from it. And yaay! That’s what you’re reading!


“What’s the message?” she started racking her brain when she was through with her work. She’s now with her pen and book.

“Take it to the Lord in prayer” the Spirit replied.

“Oh Lord, please…” she said as she thought that the Spirit instructed her to pray.

“Take it to the Lord in prayer. That’s the message” the Spirit replied. “After noticing that you had a problem with writing, you recognised God as your Source [of inspiration] and you surrendered to Him to help you” He explained.

She was shocked.


Hello there, that was what I experienced today. Is there anything you are bothered with? Take it to your Source in prayer. He created you, He knew you before you were formed (Jeremiah 1:5). There’s nothing too big for God to do, remember, He created the Heaven and earth [with everything in them]

Take it to the Lord in prayer.

Prayer is a sign of worship. It’s telling God that He’s the only Helper you have.

Prayer chases worry, hence it chases pain. No wonder why Joseph Scriven was inspired to sing this hymn– What a Friend we have in Jesus.

1. What a friend we have in Jesus,

All our sins and griefs to bear;

what a privilege to carry

Ev’rything to God in prayer.

Oh, what peace we often forfeit,

Oh, what needless pain we bear-

All because we do not carry

Ev’rything to God in prayer.

2. Have we trials and temptations?

Is there trouble anywhere?

We should never be discouraged,

Take it to the Lord in prayer.

Can we find a Friend so faithful

Who will all our sorrows share?

Jesus knows our ev’ry weakness,

Take it to the Lord in prayer.

3. Are we weak and heavy laden,

Cumbered with a load of care?

Precious Saviour, still our refuge,

Take it to the Lord in prayer.

Do thy friends despise, forsake thee?

Take it to the Lord in prayer.

In His arms He’ll take and shield thee,

Thou wilt find a solace there…

Are you blessed? Thank God for the inspiration and inspire others [through the sharing icon and the comment box]. Tell us in ways this has blessed you.

Thank you. Shalom!

August 5, 2017

Author: Damilola Deborah Funso-Adu

Damilola Deborah Funso-Adu is a model Christian who is in love with the pen.

She is a Nigerian, and an undergraduate student of the Federal University of Technology, Akure.

Her desire is to see the world ruled by God’s type of love, and to see men fulfilling God’s purpose for their lives.

She blogs at Love Shines

View her profile here

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