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Story: A Faith to Hold || By KellyShor…. (FREE E-BOOK)

After loosing his brother and father in a ghastly motor accident, Wale at age 12 could only blame the one person who he believed had the power to save them… God.

Depressed and angry, he concluded this God wasn’t worthy to be served if he could take away a father and brother from a twelve years old.

Not until Fibikemi walked into his life. Would she be able change the heart of this young teenager back to God? Or would it be too late?

Find out in the journey of Wale and Fibikemi in this inspirational Christian short story. A story of faith, strength, courage and above all love.

Three things will last forever -Faith, Hope and Love but the greatest of these is Love because Love is the “Faith we Hold on to”

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Author: Kellyshor

Kellyshor is a prolific Christian Blogger and speaker whose niche is carved in Christian literature. Passionate about Christian articles and inspirational stories she expresses her Intellectual prowess on social, audio and print media.

Oluwakemi Olufowobi as she’s known, currently works as a Soloprenuer with Tribeless Ministry, conveying the Gospel digitally through podcasts, pictures and articles.
And some of her inspirational articles can be seen at www.theyoungpreacher.org

Her current published Christian Short Story Faith To Hold, is available as an ebook for download on the following link http://bit.ly/a-faith-to-hold
You can connect with her on her social media pages @kellyshor_writes Instagram [email protected] and Tribeless Ministry on Facebook

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