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Story: Temptation… Episode 1 || By Donatus Mercy


She read the words inscribed on the white paper Dayo had sent to her carefully. She knew Dayo had always had something for her. The long stares, unending calls and gifts explained it all. She remembered a time he had called to say “hi”.
“Hello, good evening” he said
“Brother Dayo, good evening sir”
“Ermm………I actually called to say hi”
“Thank you very much sir. May God be with you” .

After the call, she knew he wanted to say more. Now he had expressed his love for her in written words. He was probably shy to speak before her, she thought.

“Toluwalope, you’re positively gorgeous. I can’t seem to get enough of your smile and I get lost staring into your eyes. As beautiful as you are on the outside, it’s your heart for God that I can’t resist. Never before have I met a person who challenged me the way you do. When I talk to you, I want to be a better Christian and a better man. I’ve been praying for a partner in ministry and here you pop up like a direct answer to that prayer. I pray we can keep God at the centre of it. I want us to grow closer to Him together. I feel like God has brought us together for this purpose. This is all new to me but I promise to do my best to lead our relationship towards Christ. I’m more than convinced that you’re the one for me. Be my missing ribs”.

She smiled for the umpteenth time as she paid attention to every word in each sentence. Her smile soon faded as she felt a strong restriction in her spirit. She seemed to lost her peace each time she thought of saying “yes” to Dayo. Dayo fitted into her criteria of the man of her dreams. He was God-fearing and handsome. Oooh, that baritone voice, his American accent was on point too. She liked everything about Dayo unlike Emeka. The fact that Emeka was Igbo turned her off. As if that wasn’t enough, he had a very thick Igbo accent!!!! He didn’t even have a formal education. His dress sense? It irritated her most. She remembered one time he had worn a trouser so big that it could be sewn into an ‘iro and buba’ for her petite self. His tie looked so big like I was sewn out of a whole yard of the clothing material. Yes, she remembered his shoes and the annoying sound they made whenever he walked. She simply couldn’t bring herself to his level. The only interesting thing about Emeka was the fact that, he undoubtedly had the fire of God burning in him. When he prays, everyone literally felt the hand of God. Yet, being filled with God’s fire wasn’t all that Tolu wanted.


Author: Donatus Mercy

I am Donatus Mercy, an undergraduate of the University of Ibadan. I’ve always loved literature (everything about literature) but somehow, I’m not studying a course that relates to it in any way. I love to use the literary prowess God has endowed me with to touch lives of people especially the youths of our generation. Writing stories that will spur your inner man into activation and making you see that your relationship with God means more that whatever you think. Most importantly, I’m a lover of God.

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