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How much is it like to see your face
How much I want to touch and hold you
How much I want to feel your heart beat and satisfy it’s desires

How much I want to hear your voice and give meaning to the words of your mouth
How much I want to be caught Tangled in your arms listening
How much I desired to be engaged in a long talk and discussion with you reviewing the present and preparing the future

How much I want to be submissive to your orders without a counter motive earnestly following your order as my Lord!
How much I want to walk with you side by side
How long I grow to understand out silent moments quiet but with the loudest voice ringing in my head and heart

How much I love you and still love you
How much I care about you and still caring
How much it seems I am hiding but you have always been the focus even from afar

How much of a distance between us but the closest of its kind
How much it seems it no longer making sense as though it wouldn’t make sense but making the realest sense
How much I miss you my lover


Adejumobi Oluwatobi Titilayo

Author: Adejumobi Oluwatobi Titilayo

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