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Story: GHOST RUN!…. Episode 4…. ©️Opeyemi Akintunde

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AdeYanju and I could not sleep through out the night. We sat on the floor cuddled Like scared Babies. What added to our fear was the disappearance of all the beauty of the house the moment the witches left. Obviously it was all a facade, it wasn’t real. The house returned to what I expected; smelly, dirty, dusty…

“ Once it is daybreak, we leave” I kept saying to AdeYanju…

AdeYanju wouldn’t say a word. He just sat cuddled up very quiet.

A cock crowed and I knew it must be around 5am…

“ We should leave… !” I said

“ How?”

“ We will pray and the vehicle will work!”

“ Ok” AdeYanju said

I pulled him up as I felt guilty. I allowed my pride drag him to Mororo.

We carefully walked out of the house and got into the car! I held Adeyanju’s hand…

“ God, We are sorry for trying to show off in church. We know we have not been sent here. Please forgive us!” I prayed

“ Amen!” AdeYanju replied. With a careful hand and a skeptical look, he inserted the key into the ignition..,

“ Have faith!” I said in encouragement

He turned the key and at just one turn, the vehicle responded…

“ Thank you Lord, Thank you Lord….” I said almost screaming..,

“ Keep it low, you can shout all you want when we get out of here…” AdeYanju said

AdeYanju stepped on the gas, and the vehicle moved forward. At the sound of the vehicle , doors and windows of houses started opening. It was obvious we had woken the people of Mororo up.

“Don’t stop, this is the first time I will ever encourage you to drive over 100, infact increase your speed to 150 right now!” I said as I noticed AdeYanju was getting confused the moment the doors and windows were opening…

“ AdeYanju! AdeYanju!” I screamed at him…

AdeYanju was a pathetic case. A brainy without a heart. He was just intellectually sound, but emotionally he was a baby; One of the errors of his parents. His parents had made AdeYanju exert his energy and reasoning on reading only. He had no human relationship. Their relationship was the only thing AdeYanju acquired on his own, which was not totally by his power alone.. I was the one who forced him into asking me out. He was always around me, smiling at me, buying me gifts and whenever he saw other men around he would be so devastated… The day I helped him out of his misery was when I forced the words out of his mouth…

“ AdeYanju, why are you always angry when you see other brothers around me!” I had said after church

“ Me! Angry?”

“ Yes! You like me? You want me to be your girlfriend and you don’t know how to say it!”

AdeYanju had kept quiet, for a brief second before saying…

“ Actually, as a wife not a girlfriend… I don’t want you temporarily, I want you permanently… You know the word girlfriend is a term…” AdeYanju was already saying too much as he was about to give me the dictionary meaning of “ Girlfriend!” . I decided to cut short the long story..,

“ Yes! I will love to be your wife” I said and AdeYanju laughed still not looking into my eyes…

This was the same AdeYanju that was about shutting down on me, he was slowing down the car in fear.

“ AdeYanju! Stop the car!” I said and he did immediately.

“ Move! “ I alighted from the vehicle and turned to the driver’s seat. AdeYanju moved to the passenger’s seat quietly. I got into the car and moved at top speed…No Devil was going to stop me from leaving Mororo!

After driving for few minutes, I could see something that looked like a roadblock ahead. I told myself, no roadblock was going to stop me. I was going to drive past the roadblock, not minding any damage it will cause on the car.

“ I will fix the car in the city” I encouraged myself, but as I drew closer to the supposed roadblock, I realized what stood on the road was not a wooden or iron roadblock, but it was a roadblock made by humans…

“ Adenike!” AdeYanju screamed in fear as I also halted at the sight.

There were about 8 men , 10 women, 15 teenagers and a lot of children standing on the road with arms akimbo…

“ Who are they?” I asked AdeYanju who replied with a blank look.

To be continued…

Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

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