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Just Obey!

Just Obey!!!

Written by: Edet Crownofglory Patience

I was told a story of a Young Man of God who served God deliberately, when I say deliberately, I mean he was fervent. He was indeed a man of God.

One day, while on the field, he met a prostitute who was stinking of Sin. He preached to her; to the glory of God, she surrendered her life to Christ and started serving God in the pastor’s church.

At the long run, she was so fervent to the point that she joined the work force – she served in the choir. Her voice was so sonorous, she was a more singer than a bird.

The fervent Man of God who never relented in his service to God, approached his Maker on the issue of marriage when it was finally time. To his amazement, he was shown the ex prostitute.

“What?” He queried.

Of course, like a child would ask his father, he did and God told him His reasons. God told him to marry her; if not, she will go back to her vomit and eventually die, after which, her blood would be required from the MOG. On the other hand, whoever he marries outside the Will of God will murder her ministry.

As a child of the FATHER, will you hear that and still insist on saying “No?” Knowing fully well that if she goes to hell fire, you as a person also has no other choice but to reserve an apartment in hell fire because her blood is already on you.

I know your answer – God forbid! Right? Yes, if God forbids that, you also have to forbid that.

Hence, as an obedient child of God, he obeyed his Heavenly Father. With full confidence and faith in God, he approached the lady who vehemently rejected his proposal – all because she was so ashamed of her past.

She didn’t want to punish the innocent man of God for the outrageous sins she had committed; she didn’t want him to live with the effects of her sinful past.

The pastor who was a virgin told his church, and guess what – the church became a scattered bunch of broom.

The “sisters” who were already preparing themselves for the man of God disagreed, they were so furious to the point that some of them left the church in annoyance.

Eventually, the virgin pastor married the prostitute, sorry I mean the ex prostitute.

Our God is glorious!

After the wedding, I learnt all the pastor did was to preach a short sermon and handover the mic to Mrs. Pastor to sing a song as the Spirit directs.

Whenever she mounts the pulpit to sing after each sermon, people will be falling just the way grasses fall off at the sight of a sharp cutlass.

The pastor didn’t have to pray and sweat for anointing, all he needed to do was to go everywhere with his wife. She was really an epitome of the adage “Behind Every Successful Man There Is Always A Woman”; Mind You, Not Just Any Woman But A Prayerful And Strong Woman. She was really a PILLAR behind and beside her husband – to the glory of God.

Then, God reminded the pastor of what He told him initially.

To be realistic; as a Christian, it is not easy to do the will of God. However, beloved brothers and sisters, ask for the grace to do it.

If the pastor had walked out of the Perfect Will of God, his ministry would have been long terminated and at the end of the day, he would have quietly secured a place in hell fire.

Don’t Be Deceived By The Devil, God Is Not A Joker!

He is faithful to fulfill all His promises, all we need do is to remind Him of all His promises, and continually praise Him.

Deuteronomy 30:19 – I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, [that] I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live:

I set before you the Permissive Will and Perfect Will: therefore I plead with you to choose The Perfect Will of God that ye may live a happy life here on earth and in eternity.

God will help you and me!

Author: Crown Of Glory

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