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Day by day we grow and we are expected to move
Yet closer to our last days on earth,year by year we grow in age but not all grow in wisdom
Hmm,many people in their 20s these days see themselves to be young but they fail to realise they are a day lesser for their grey hair to blossom. They fail to plan for their lives. They believe they are still young and balling.
As a matter of fact they are being blinded by the fact they are still young and don’t see reasons to plan for the future that lies ahead of them. They believe at their age what they need to do is to wear the latest designers and turn up at the best parties spending lavishly on what doesn’t matter.. spending the capital to start up a business, spending away their future.
They believe education is no longer the key yet they fail to acquire a skill.. The glory of the youth is in their strength while the glory of the old is in their grey hair, yes you are young and balling but to think of it after wasting years of your life balling what will be the benefit of your grey hair? Or is that when you will start your struggle or hustle . Be Wise!
Yes everyone wouldn’t get there at the same time but it didn’t say everyone wouldn’t run the race (should I increase the volume ) Good things don’t come easy!
I challenge my fellow youth today, rise and think.. *Yes* we are still young but let’s realise at the same time we are aging !
Don’t be dependent
Be creative
Be innovative
Never stop learning
Always keep praying
Note: What works for others might not work for you CREATE YOURSELF!



Author: Oluwaseye Adejumobi

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