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You Say!

You say you knew her past life, but do you know her present?

You say you knew the things she’s done, do you know what has been undone?

You say you knew how she paraded herself and you call her a prostitute
You were right, but do you know her new name now?

You say you saw her at the market buying that expensive perfume,
You shake your head in disgust because she ” has bought another one for a numerous escapades ”
You say so, but do you know that that fragrance will touch the Master’s feet and bring her honor?

You say her name is
But he called her Mary, … she fell and called him Master.

You say you knew her past and you’re holding on to it, while he saw her past and wiped it clean with his blood.
He called her Mary my child.

She dare not come near your children, so you warn each of them to stay away from her.
You say she’s a woman who is not worthy to go near the sons that you have raised up .
You were right,
Only you weren’t there when she made a promise to Joshua and how she will become a part of your people.

You never imagined that anything good could come out of Jericho
You say it was an accursed land
And yes it may
But do you know that as the walls came tumbling down

There was a house that stood firm
And a scarlet thread that hung in the wind
Together with an unbroken promise that must be fulfilled.

You call her Rahab,
But He called her …..
For out of her will come the deliverance your sons truly needed.

You say she was once married, you needed a fresh virgin girl for your son.

You say you cannot sit close to her last you corrupt your inheritance.

You say people of that land and culture can never come into the habitation and sanctuary of grace
But do you know…
That on a dusty lonely road, she took your God to be hers, she vowed to be His forever

Do you know that though she’s been clouded with unhappiness and raised among sadness
Although she had bowed down to idols
She responded to a call, not heard by you
She made a decision to leave the known for the unknown

You say she’s privileged
But He called her Ruth
From her bowels will come forth a mighty One
Whose victory will forever be felt.
You call her Ruth the idolaters,
But He called her Chosen

You shudder at how she left all the men in your church to marry an outsider

You look with pity as you say her seed will be corrupted.

You run to the house of the Rabbi
“How can Hadassah, go this way she cautioned ”
In your zeal, you cannot see the hidden master plan
For He cannot use anything or anyone that has no relevance in His Kingdom
You had already resigned to slavery and living in a land not your own.
Of all men to marry should it be him?

I know what you said…
And judging from the human eyes , you were right.
But I’ve learn to see beyond the natural and the physical
And Hadassah too didn’t know at first until she heard these words

” Do not keep quiet and think that deliverance will come from another place, for even if it did, don’t think you will be spared. Who knows if you were chosen for such a time as these”.

Then she remembered that though she’s called Esther.
She was first called Hadassah
And God knew that he brought her in, for such a time as this.

You say you can’t remember her, yes you’re right. She’s without a name.

All you knew was that she’s a slave girl.
Living with a diseased master.
How can she mingle with them
You forgot that she had no choice
She was after all, a slave.

You say you knew the laws and customs
Such a person is kept away from others and if they should come near, they would scream “unclean, unclean “. To warn you off.
You forgot that Naaman was a captain and so had power.

You focus only on the negative but forget the little unknown slave, who was bold enough to let her master and his wife know that there is a God in Israel.

Something your children has not done despite all the bible you’ve read out to them.
You say you’ve raised up doctors and lawyers, pharmacists and teachers but you forgot that “the people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits”

She’s nameless but powerful enough to be mentioned alongside Elijah.

Now let’s focus on you….
You say, you say, you say

That the youth is wayward yet you cannot pray for her return back to the Lord.
You say ” of all that he has been taught he remains a rascal” yet you cannot pray him out of the hands of the devil.

All you remember is the past and you hold on to it.

Even when she has been forgiven all you see is the past.

Even when he’s been made a new creature, all you remember is the past.

You say, you say, you say….

When will you stop and hear what God has to say?




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Author: Fortune Jacob


I’m Fortune Chiamaka Jacob. A Nigerian, a blogger, a medical professional.

Most importantly, I am a child of God with a passion for godliness in all spheres of life. I represent Christ here on earth and desire to help others grow in Christ as well.


4 thoughts on “You Say!

  1. May I never be found pointing accusing fingers at others but rather pray to hear from God about any situation.
    Thank you for blessing us with this ma.

  2. I will not focus on neither my past nor someone else’s. Rather than point fingers, I’ll put my knees on the ground and pray. Rather than lament over the past, I’ll focus on what Christ has done and finished on the cross to make me who He called me to be.

    Thanks so much, dear sis.
    May God bless you.♥️

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