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Heal First, Dear One.

Dear One,

I have great plans for you. I want to make you into something great that nations from near and far can reckon with. I really want to reach out to people through you. You are being prepared to carry the weight of others till they become better. I am preparing you to be a beacon of hope to others.

I have no doubt about your enthusiasm to embark on this assignment but I cannot send you just yet.

I am very aware of the way your heart breaks when you see the suffering of those I am sending you to. This is good but I am a little hesitant to send you as you still bear wounds.

How can you carry people in this current state of yours?

Yes, I know how passionate you are about carrying others.

As much as reaching others is important, you need to heal first.

Will you come over to me and let us address this wound(s)?

 You can’t go far with this wound. 

You will only break down on the way!

You can’t carry people far in this condition you are.

You cannot be a warrior at the battlefield and carry wounds.

The enemy will only capitalize on that wound. 

Let me help you before you help others.

Let me heal you first before you heal others so you don’t come back worse.

You are important to me. 

Let me heal you first. 

Don’t be scared to ask me for help. 

Don’t be ashamed of being naked before me.

You need help and you need it ASAP. 

The longer you delay, the worse things get with those whose burden you carry. 

Let me help you, dearly beloved.

 You will be glad you waited to be healed.

A lot have climbed the ladder of success only to have their weaknesses thrown in their faces right at the peak.

Some of the people I heavily invested in have caused my sons and daughters to depart from me because they did not give attention to their wounds until it blew up and could no longer stay hidden.

I cannot afford to lose you, Dear One.

Come to me and let me heal you.

Let me help you with your sexual addictions, anger issues, lust and so on.

Let me assist you now that you are being raised.

Heal first, dear One before you begin to carry the pain of others.

Your soul is much more important than the assignments.

Allow me to carry you and heal you first.

Yours sincerely, 

Your lover before conception (God)

Author: Oluwatobiloba Ogunniyi

Oluwatobiloba is a young lady who loves God. She is passionate about communicating the truth of God’s word via writing. She loves writing epistles to encourage others, challenge them out of mediocrity and step into all God has for them.

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