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This thing called PURPOSE

As a young adult, the very word purpose plagued me. The first few years of my 20’s (Gosh! I sound so old🤭🤭) was spent pursuing purpose and for the larger part of those years, I hated myself. Let me give you a little background story so you’ll understand where I am coming from.

I came as the first child of my family and the first grandchild from my maternal side. I really had no one I could easily relate with or look up to, coupled with the fact that I had an interesting personality growing up. I wanted people around me yet I didn’t want them too close. I kept to myself a lot and I was always in my room majority of the time. The older I grew, the more I began to see people walk in purpose according to my definition. These people happened to be creatives. They could really do a lot of things with their hands, be it event planning, artistic works, baking and lots more.

I, on the other hand, was just brilliant at school work. I always passed in flying colours even though I was never the first best in class. I was really frustrated. I wasn’t creative and I couldn’t fully excel at schoolwork. I was just between the world of creatives and excellence in school. I then decided to go in search of purpose as a leverage ground.

I began to read articles and posts on the subject matter. A lot of people suggested trying out different things and settling for the one that an individual is passionate about. “How?!” was the question that troubled me. I further went ahead to say, “I am a 100% introvert. I can’t even think of any new thing I can try out and for the ones suggested by the articles, I am too shy to try them out.🤦🏾‍♀️ I spent the larger part of those years crying, being angry at myself for being plain and praying to God to open my eyes to my purpose.

Along the years, I discovered I loved to put my words into writing. I just loved sharing whatever I was reading with others. I also loved to tell as many that were interested in the new things I was learning at that time. Well, I didn’t pay any attention to that because I never excelled at my English essays😂😂. Don’t get me wrong, I always passed but not enough for the teacher to mark a distinction🤪. I always typed on Facebook anytime the inspiration comes😂😂. Starting to write might be hard for me but once I begin, I just couldn’t stop.

Later on, I graduated to WhatsApp and my friends began to call me “Epistle Mama”. I was not comfortable with the name because I could sense sarcasm🙄 (well, that was back then). A couple of others who could talk to me advised me to stop with the writing stuff as my major focus of writing back then was to celebrate my loved ones and godly stuff as per the church girl that I was and still am☺️. The most amazing part of the epistles about my loved ones was that I wrote based on my current feeling. I would just sit down and think about the person alongside all we have shared. Boom! The words just begin to flow. They honestly meant well with their advice as I always put my heart out there which was not too wise.

I am on the journey to 25 and it has been an amazing ride. Am I walking in purpose now? I will say Yes! Because I now have a better understanding of what purpose means. I have learnt in the past 2 years that purpose is not a figment of a man’s imagination conjoined together to form a fine statement. Purpose is God’s given vision. He is the one who crafts it and hands it over to you. The best part of it is that you are born with purpose. The Father placed it right inside of you the very day you were made and became flesh.

Let me repeat that for emphasis. The Father (God) placed purpose inside of you the very day you were born. Don’t forget He knew you even before you were born and had a plan for you right from conception. So you don’t have to go in pursuit of purpose on the outside and spend years thinking you are not enough like I spent mine.

Now, there are various ways God can call your attention to the purpose He has placed inside of you. He could verbally communicate it to you via His written word (Scriptures). Many got the idea of what they were called to do for the first time right from the Scriptures. Isn’t that just amazing?! 💃💃. He could decide to call your attention to it by taking you through experiences that speak to the very thing you were born to address. Another could be showing you problems happening around that you could solve. Be rest assured that you are not just a statistical number in the population of the earth. God has a purpose for you. Oh yes! He does.

Going further, we as believers have one purpose on earth which is to serve God and show forth His glory. Yes, I said that. The ways we achieve this is what differs. Some glorify God with their gift of writing, others with their analytical mind. Some others do with their voice and lots more. Let me categorically state that you don’t have to fulfil purpose with just the works of your hands or body parts as the case may be. The popular ones being singing, dancing, creating contents, designing and lots more. Fulfilling purpose starts from the mind and it is expressed through our body parts (mouth, hands and legs).

You have a very beautiful mind because you have the mind of Christ. You are a co-creator with God. (Now is a great time to burst into tongues and praise God!). You don’t have to be overly worried about what you are called to do. It gets clearer as you proceed in your journey with Christ. The way we manifest purpose is through our assignments and they differ per season.

The same individual that gets assignments done as a primary school student will also get assignments done as an undergraduate student. Life is in phases. You will do a lot of things on earth for God so you should never box yourself. Various expressions will come out of you so you don’t know all there is to you. However, if you can settle it in your mind that you have been called to serve God and manifest His glory, you would be able to effectively carry out His assignment in alignment to His will.

This thing called purpose is not stagnant. It is a call to work and walk with God so you will constantly evolve. The more you evolve, the more assignments you get to take on. So, my brothers and sisters, take a chill pill on the pursuit of purpose and just walk with God. For everything He lays in your heart to do at the moment, jump right on it.

The very person who felt she wasn’t creative is now one who has come to realize she always had the gift of writing but just never knew. She was looking on the outside for what was already on her inside. Am I saying I would only serve God as a writer? No! But the beautiful part is that I am on a journey with God to unravel all He has placed inside of me because I have to die empty. I am evolving and so are my gifting. I am serving purpose in my little sphere of influence. It might please the Father to make it a global affair few years down the line but I will not trade the joy of going on this adventure with God for the anxiety of the future. I am a co-creator with God and that is all that matters. This purpose thing is my walk with God and work for God. I will do it well. I am God’s partner. Anything He lays my hands on, I will run with it. Glory!

I celebrate your evolution. See you at the very top.

© Teemag

Author: Oluwatobiloba Ogunniyi

Oluwatobiloba is a young lady who loves God. She is passionate about communicating the truth of God’s word via writing. She loves writing epistles to encourage others, challenge them out of mediocrity and step into all God has for them.

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